Welcome to TVNET.EU

The Benefits of TVNET.EU:

Editorial benefits: A comprehensive network of professional correspondents, journalists and reporters and world class broadcasting staff. Next to a constant exchange of audiovisual footage and material, each member receives international versions ready to broadcast content and on-demand material.

Co-production benefits: Co-production on audio-visual reports and documentaries within this network, provides for a collective use of resources, ranging from production engineering facilities to correspondents to broadcasting know-how.

Networking benefits:
TVNET.EU allows for worldwide effortless and direct networking between its members, connecting media professionals in all major cities.

Europeans want to be informed about what is going on in Europe and the EU, especially when it reflects their daily reality. This is exactly what TVNET.EU offers next to numerous exclusive and unique benefits which no other network has been able to provide until now. This European network contains 360 public and private broadcasters from across Europe and neighbouring countries. It reaches an audience of approximately 500 million, which represents around 98% of the EU population and over 100 million citizens in the EU neighbouring countries. It is a unique programme that is brought to every region of Europe without delays thanks to fast data exchange.

TVNET.EU has the world’s largest network of TV correspondents consisting of 28 highly dedicated correspondents in EU 28 plus correspondents in its neighbouring countries. They are committed to constantly cover the latest trends on European issues on all levels - local, regional, national and international. Our cross-border reporting approach means that our correspondents always have their finger on the pulse of Europe. As a result our viewers get all the latest and most important news – as they happen.